“Focus” On Ben Gloddy

Race Report: Loudon Road Race Series Round 7

Photos: Sarah Bettencourt

What an awesome, and cold, weekend at LRRS for Round 7. Friday, I helped coach with the Penguin Racing School. I had a blast helping people out all day. I didn’t have any races on Saturday, so I hung out and watched my buddies race all day. Sunday was an awesome day! I went out for practice and was able to do a 1:22 in about 40 degree weather. In my first race of the day, I able to pull a 3 second gap in the first lap on the second place rider, with my opening lap being a 1:22.6. I was excited to be able to wrap up the 500 Supersport Championship in that race! In my second race, despite the cold weather and track, I was able to set a new lap record on my 400 at a 1:19.233! I was able to get a good start and pushed myself really hard in that race for no reason other than to hopefully get a PB and beat the lap record (previously set at 1:19.259!). I was pushing so hard in less than ideal conditions, that I tucked the front and saved it in turn 2 and then saved a potentially really bad high side out of turn 12! I was so excited when I came off the track to find out that not only did I win the race, but also the 500 Superbike Championship and achieved my PB and got the record back.

This season was all around incredible! I worked hard all year, won 3 Championships (two at LRRS and one at NESBC), lowered the 400 lap record, started racing MotoAmerica where I had three top 5 finishes and got on the podium at Barber! I am already excited for 2020. I am raising the bar for myself next season and have my sights set on some big goals. My focus this winter will be to train hard, ride frequently and get ahead of my school work so come spring I am ready to focus 100% on my personal racing goals.

Check this out too! After enrolling at Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS), one of their representatives thought my story was inspirational and unique. She asked if she could tell my story and experience about combining high school with motorcycle racing, read about it here:  https://vlacs.org/bringing-high-school-to-the-racetrack/  

Thank you to all of my sponsors, family and friends that have helped me along the way, I couldn’t do this without you all.

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