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Round 7 LRRS Season Finale

I can’t believe the LRRS 2018 Season is over! What a great summer I had. I learned so much about myself and racing and met some amazing people!

Friday Penguin Racing School – It was raining in the morning, but I was still able to get in some great sessions throughout the day. During classroom times and during the track walk, Eric Wood and I went over a new line to try in turn three. I was able to practice and apply it and I felt it really helped me to go faster in turn three.

On Saturday, I had two practices in the morning. I used the new line I learned on Friday and was able to make some good passes coming out of turn four because I got a better drive up the hill coming out of turn three. In my race we ran the wrong fuel in the bike, resulting in the horse power to decrease. Despite being down on power, I was able to finish 4th in the 300 Supersport Race. This was not the result I was looking for but all in all it was good day and a lesson was learned. 

On Sunday, I had one practice in the morning and three races in the afternoon. I used morning practice to work the bugs out from the day before. In the 500 Supersport Race, I had a bad start, but on the second lap there was a red flag so I had a chance to get a better start and I did. I made some good passes going into turn three and I was able to get myself up into 3rd place. A rider in front of me went down in turn three and I was able wrap up the race in 2nd place. In my 300 Superbike Race, I had a good start and went into turn one in 3rd place. I got passed by one bike going into turn six, putting me in 4th, but I was able to hang with the leading group. The rider in 3rd place ran off the track and I was able to move up, finishing the race in 3rd place. My last race of the day was the 500 Superbike Class and I had a good start, but being on a 300 all of the 400’s pulled me off the line and I was in 4th going into turn one. I made a pass up the inside of one of the guys going into turn three and I was able to hang with leading group. I made a few attempts to move up in position but I just could not get around them and I finished in 3rd place.  

Overall I would say I had a great first weekend as an Expert, earning 105 combined points from my four races!

My family and I cannot Thank You enough for all of your support this season. It would not have been possible without you and all of the people and businesses that help me to be able to follow my dream of becoming a Professional Motorcycle Racer. I had a lot of fun and learned a ton! I am really looking forward to 2019 and hopefully being able to make my MotoAmerica debut in June after I turn 14.

Although the LRRS Series is complete for 2018, I still have some more events before I wrap up my 2018 season! Stay tuned for more updates!

Attached Photo Credit: 22photos, Bob Stengel

Ben Gloddy



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