“Focus” On Ben Gloddy

Summit Point Motorsports Park, West Virginia
CCS Races, Memorial Day Weekend

I had a great time Memorial Day Weekend racing CCS at Summit Point with Quarterley Racing. It was my first time there and I had to learn the race track. I felt I learned it quickly and by the time we went out for races I was on pace with the fast guys and was able to get my lap times down to 1:23.034! I was pretty excited about that because my biggest competition there was a couple of kids that have been racing there for a couple years and they were just getting their personal best times down to the low 23’s that same weekend! In the 500GT class, I had a fun and very close back and forth battle with Gus Rodio and Joe Limandri. At one point during the race we were 3 wide going into turn 5! Joe unfortunately ran off the track a couple laps later leaving Gus and I to battle out the rest of the race. With about 7 minutes left of the 25 minute race, I was able to save a potentially nasty high side, but it resulted in me losing my close battle for 1st place. The race came to an end about 4 minutes early due to a red flag with Gus taking the win and I held onto 2nd place with a big gap back to 3rd place.

In the 500 Supersport, I did not have a good start at all and got held up in some traffic. I was able to get into 3rd place by turn 1 behind Dale Quarterley and Joe. In the warm up lap, someone had spilled oil from turn 1 all the way to turn 5 and although the track crew did a great job cleaning it up, there was still quite a bit of speedy dry on the track which made for a slower and somewhat slipperly track for everyone. Dale and Joe were able to break away a little and I decided not to push too hard since I had a decent lead on the 4th place rider. I was able to hold onto 3rd place for the entire race and given the circumstances of the track condition and the fact that I was racing on a spent rear tire, I was happy with 3rd. But Dale will never let me live it down that he beat me! It was a fun weekend learning a new track and finally getting to race with some friends that I do not see often.

Canaan Motor Club, New Hampshire
NESBC Race and Penguin Racing School, June 1st & 2nd

This past weekend I was at Canaan Motor Club with the Penguin Racing School. I had a lot of fun being able to help coach and work with some of the newer riders. The school also had a Youth Group and I was able to work with some of my friends and help get them comfortable on a bigger track at faster speeds. I really enjoy helping to teach and grow this sport. I was also able to put in some serious laps on my 150r, 250r and Ninja 400 and had some fun riding my 100 at Canaan, had it geared to the max for that track! I did have one race on Saturday afternoon on my Ninja 400 and was able to come away with the win. (https://www.roadracingworld.com/news/nesbc-season-opener-at-cannan-motor-club-attracts-young-racers/) During the awards, I got the pleasant surprise of having to give a quick unplanned speech…that is still a work in progress! 😂

And now, the countdown is really on!! My 14th birthday is 10 days away, so 11 days until my first MotoAmerica Race! I am really excited and looking forward to Utah! 🏁

Pictures below taken by Bob Stengel 22photos.net at Canaan.

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