“Focus” on Briar Bauman

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Hey there,

Just getting back from the Charlotte Half-Mile in North Carolina.

It was a difficult day at the track, but we were competitive all day. We started out qualifying 5th overall out of the timed practices. This gives a solid starting spot for the heat races, which is huge.

In the heat race I grabbed the holeshot over Sam Halbert, but he quickly got by me and into the lead. I was able to follow him closely the entire race and actually come close to getting him at the line after he made a mistake off turn four. It is always good to be able to hang with Sammy, knowing that he is generally always going to be at the front of the main events. We finished second here.

Next is the Semi, quite a bit more competitive that than the heat race. I had Baker and Mees in this one, on what has been a completely dominant Indian Motorcycle. I felt if I was able to come off the line with them I could latch on and hang to see how they were getting around the race track. I did just that off of the start, but after a few really rough first couple of laps I dropped off the back a lot. Davis Fisher and I ended up having a serious battle for third. I ended up coming up just short of that, but feeling really good with a fourth.

The main event was extremely tough. I got an awesome start, coming around the first lap in fifth from the second row. I was really excited with that knowing I tend to come on a little bit stronger late in the race. After just a few laps I felt the bike start to slow and eventually have the engine lock up all together on lap five. It was such a bummer, but it is a part of the deal.

It feels great to be competitive week in and week out and I feel things are going to come together soon. I can’t thank the Zanotti Racing Team enough for giving me there all at every racing event we attend. The bikes are incredible and I am extremely lucky to be a part of their program.

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