“Focus” On Cody Barnes

Series: Kenda Full Gas sprint enduro
Round 5
Event: Harleywood  
Abingdon, VA 

Photos: Darrin Chapman 

On Day 1 of racing I struggled a bit. I had good times in the enduro test but was loosing ground on the cross test. Even with my difficulties on the cross test I finished 2nd on the day and was only 17 seconds off of the leader 

On Day 2 of racing I was able to find some better lines in the cross test and better myself there. After the first two test I was sitting second for the day. After the 4th test of the day I was able to get into the lead for the day and cut the gap down to first to 4 seconds. In the last two tests of the day I made some dumb mistakes and ended up staying in the second place position. 

For the weekend I was able to finish 2nd in the Pro 2 class and 7th overall. 

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