“Focus” On Cody Barnes

Photo: Ken Hill

Series: GNCC 
Event: Snowshoe
Round 8 
Snowshoe WV 

Photo: Erin Gutish Photography

Snowshoe GNCC is an one of a kind race. With the race being all about time it doesn’t matter if you start behind your competitors you just have to beat their lap times. While some of my competitors started on row 4 I started on row 11. On the first lap I was able to ride really well and actually catch 1st place who started on row 4. Sense I had caught him I was already winning the class with adjusted time. But after following him for a bit he made a mistake and I was able to make the pass. After I made the pass I was able to put my head down and ride a smart race. I was able to take the win in the XC3 class and finish 14th overall and I was the only XC3 rider to complete 6 laps on the mountain! 

Photo Ken Hill

I am very happy with how I rode today as I have never done that well at this event! Thank you for all your support! 

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