“Focus” On Cody Barnes

GNCC Round 3 Race report

Photo: egutish photography

Today was round 3 of the gncc series held in Washington GA. This track is always soft very rutted so line choice is a key thing in this race. 

I got off to a decent start and quickly made my way into the top 5 by the end of lap 1. After the first gas stop I had a pretty good crash but was able to rebound from that pretty quick and picked right back up where I left off. With two laps to go I got into a good battle for 4th place. By the end of the second to last lap I was able to make my way into 4th and during the last lap pull away and finish 4th in XC2 and 10th overall. 

My beta 250RR was handling the deep ruts and nasty tree roots awesome today. Looking forward to working on a few things and trying it all over again at the next round! 

Thank you for all the support, 
Cody Barnes. 

Photo: Ken Hill

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