“Focus” On Cody Barnes

GNCC Round 7
Event: Tomahawk
Alpine, NY

Photo: Ken Hill

I got off to a decent start going into woods third. On the second lap I was running in the second place spot and while going up a hill a rock flew back and hit me nose cause it to start bleeding really bad and swell up where I couldn’t breath out of it. I was able to keep pushing through that and still challenge for the lead. At the end of the second lap it started raining and changed the track completely. After some crashes and problems I found myself in the third spot. On the last lap I passed for second place but ended up hitting something in a sloppy section and went down.

I finished 3rd in the XC3 class. I’m not happy with this result and felt like I had the speed to win. We will work on some things and be ready for the next one.

Photo: Tyler Shepardson

Thank you for all the support!
Cody Barnes.

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