“Focus” On Cody Johncox

Last weekend was the legendary Indy Mile. I was really excited to get back to this track with it being one of my favorites. Friday practice started out good couldn’t really get a read on my set up with the track being the way it was, so I waited to go out in the qualifying before making many changes. I came back in from qualifying one and I noticed a noise in the motor. In qualifying two I went out with the my 700 as the back up while Mike and Dad were checking over the 750. I was 11th fastest on the little bike. We got the 750 back together for the semi. We couldn’t find were the noise was coming from and all decided it was worth a shot to try it. In the Semi I got a great start from the second row and was running second until the last lap when the motor let go. I was lucky enough someone broke before me, so I got the last transfer spot. I had to ride the 700 in the main. I got a great start from the 4th row, and made my way up to around 6th until I got to the straight away and I got out motored. All I could do is stay in the draft. I fell back to 10th and had a great battle with Duffy for the whole race. I kept sizing him up and on the last lap I tried to get by him going to into three. I waited until the last second to pull out. I went to the inside giving him the opportunity to pinch and I had to check and when I checked up I blew the groove and slipped back to 11th, were I ended up.

Friday night after a lot of thinking and talking things over with my team we made the call to stay and try make as many points as we could with the little bike. On Saturday I was just focused on working with Mike and my feed back to make the bike the best we can. In practice I felt great and so did the bike. I went out for both qualifyings making the bike better each time and came back with 11th overall. In the semi I got a great start and was third into the first corner. I got on the back straight and I watched as I fell back to 6th and I had a good battle with Eslick and Duffy and Buchannon. The last two laps I felt the bike slowing down so I dialed it back to make sure I got in the main. In the main I did my one lap to get my points for a dnf, which worked out better than expected with someone crashing out one not starting and me beating the other to our one lap. Ending up 14th. We have Springfield coming next weekend and I will have something together to get to this race and I’m looking forward to it being my favorite race of the year.

Thank you for all your support.
Cody Johncox

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