“Focus” On Cody Johncox

Springfield Race Report

A few weeks ago we went to Springfield I got the bikes back together the day before we left for Springfield. I went out for the first practice and felt great on the bike, and was the fastest on the track. In the second qualifying I, we made a small suspension change and I felt great on the bike but two laps in I heard a noise in the top end. So I pulled in and Mike and dad got to work on tearing the motor out and down. I went back out on the 700, just trying to stay as small as I could and stay in someones draft. I ended up 6th fastest on the track but not being able to pull out of the draft. In the semi I got a good start and was 3rd in the first turn. I got to the back straight and three people went by me on back straight. I stayed in 6th the whole race and right on heels of everyone but couldn’t do anything about it. In the main I got a horrible start and smoked the clutch off the line. I was hanging in there in 7th for awhile then the clutch got to bad and I fell back to 13th. were I stayed for the rest of the race. While all this was going on Mike and dad had the motor torn down. I caught the damage before it was catastrophic,  and we actually found the real reason we have been having motor issues. On our custom pistons, somehow the piston pin bore was getting oblong and making the piston rock and crash into the valves taking out everything including the counter balancer, which we thought was the original problem because there was nothing left of the pistons to check. With finding the problem and having a race the next weekend. I decided to come home and try and get the motors back together for Williams Grove instead of racing the 700 on the second day. But finding this problem was better than a win for me.

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