“Focus” On Cody Johncox

Charlotte Race Report

In Charlotte we got to try out some new suspension. And what a difference, first practice I went out and it felt like a completely different bike than what I was used to.

I had some gearing changes that I wanted to play with, but the first practice and two qualifying sessions were used to get used to the new suspension and kinda playing with it a little bit too just to see what the changes would feel like.

Photos: Dave Hoening

In the semi I got a good start and I was running in fourth the whole race. In the main I made some changes to gearing and I got a decent start. I felt great on the bike and it finally wasn’t doing anything silly on the track.

I did make the wrong gearing choice for the main. On lap three while I was battling with Johnny Lewis, I was working the outside and he brought me high coming out of turn 4 and I needed to check up so I didn’t get into the bails. No harm no foul, but when I checked up I fell back to 9th and I got back up into seventh and that is were I stayed the rest of the race. I was running the same pace with everyone else.

The second day we were flirting with rain and after a rain delay they were ready to send us out for the practice. I felt great on the bike and it was an awesome track and so much fun to ride the track like that, but the rain came back and they had to call the race.

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