“Focus” On Cody Johncox

Daytona Race Report

Daytona, what else can be said other than I don’t think anyone on the twins knew what to expect coming into this race. Me and Mike ended up staying from Charlotte and going right to Florida to get some time on a true short track to get a feel for what it would be like.

So me and Tanner Dean and the First Impressions Crew met up with Davis Fisher at Jacksonville speedway to get some time on a true short track. I was lucky enough that Rex Fisher was able to help me and Mike to get an idea of what we can with this new suspension and I would say that even though this track was nothing like Daytona, it was a big help with the suspension to get the bike ready to go on this track.

Photos Dave Hoening

WE rolled out the first day of Daytona and I felt ok on the bike right away. I wasn’t very comfortable, but I expected that because of how little time I have on a twin on short track and nothing like Daytona. In first qualifying I was third fastest and I wanted to see if we could make a gearing change to see if it would help me get more drive coming out of the turn. It gave me a ton more drive coming out the turn in second qualifying but it also took away a lot of straight away speed.

So I ended up qualifying 7th. In the semi I got a great start and was third off the line and got by Chad for second. I was in the process of setting up Cory to pass for the lead when I went in just a touch too deep and let Chad get the inside line on me. I tried to brake and duck under him, but he snagged my bar and that took me off the track. I had to settle for third. F

or the main I was trying to get rid of alittle grip because the bike wanted to turn right on exit. I went out for the main and realized that we took too much grip away. I got a decent start and I pretty much spent the whole race in fifth, just not close enough to Pat to try and force the issue to try and make a pass without taking myself out too.

The second day we were flirting with rain again. We got all the practices and qualifying’s in and I felt good but then the rain came and we had a five or six hour rain delay. There was no semis due to the rain delay.

They finally got the track back together and sent the super twins out and a tinny, tinny notch grove developed about 4 inches of it.

On the first start I got a great jump from the third row and ducked underneath everyone that went high and came out in fourth. We made one complete lap and then the red came out as we were passing the down ridder.

On the restart I got an ok jump and I tried to run it up the inside again, but everyone knew not to go high and I got bottled up and was sitting in tenth. I worked my way up to 8th but ran out of time with the shortened race program, So I ended up our last race in 8th.

This season has been one of the most difficult race seasons I have had with a bunch of set backs, but we overcame them and learned a lot from them. I am excited to see what the 2021 season has in store for us and I feel like it will be the best season yet. With that being said I am in the process of revamping my resumes and I will get them out as soon as I get them done.
Thank you for all you support this season I look forward to next year with you!
Cody Johncox

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