“Focus” On Cody Johncox

Weedsport Race Report

Last weekend we had our home town race, Weedsport Ny, only an hour and half from my house it was good to sleep in my own bed. This was not a production race so we were racing with Indians basically practice for us to try some stuff we wouldn’t try a actual production race. In practice we went out and I figured out the track was going to be a struggle with me personally. We came in changed some gearing and suspension settings. I went back out for second practice and the track got a lot rougher and we didn’t expect that to happen. We came back in and changed the suspension set up again because the was throwing me all over the place. In qualifying one I we got little bit better handle on the track and ended up 18th and dropped 3 tenths. We came in and decided to change shocks to see if my linear piston would work better with the holes. In the second qualifying I felt so much better on the bike and it wasn’t trying to buck me off for once in the day. I felt much better we decided on a last min gearing change for the semi. In the semi I got one heck of start from the out side second row. I was third going into turn 3 and rolling on the out side. I felt good rolling the out side a place I wasn’t ridding all day and didn’t plan to be up there. I realized real quick we didn’t have the gearing to roll the top and I got passed by a heard of all Indians. I dropped down to the bottom of the track rode the rest of my race in the middle to bottom of the track. The track was starting to get really slippery where all I would do is spin up coming out of the turns and ended my day that way. I wasn’t happy with how we ended but after the races on the ride home we all had a little discussion about the day. With everyone disappointed in how it ended we all came up with what we did wrong and how we learned from the race, and what we want to different for next time and when the tracks get like that again. The next national for me is Rapid City South Dakota, then on to Sacramento. I’m hopping to do an outlaw race or two before then but we will see as we have to get the mile motor back together before we go out west.

Thanks For all your support it means the world to me and the team.

Cody Johncox

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