“Focus” On Cody Johncox

Sorry for the delay short week this week as were getting ready for Williams Grove this weekend. On the rain date Monday we ran a really abbreviated program. We had one practice that acted as both our qualifying and and practice. Mike and my dad got my bike all fixed and I went out. I felt great again I ended up 7th with no draft help in the practice/qualifying. We went out to our heat race and I got the hole shot. It was a great confidence booster for me. Going down the back straight James and Dalton drafted by me. And I sat in third the whole race letting them tow me around. We came in and made a suspension change. In the semi I got an ok start and was fourth into the first turn. It was a good race, I was battling the whole race from 5th two second once Dalton blew up and we just missed him. Morgan took the outside and I took the inside and split him. I ended up fighting my way back up 2nd by the end! We came in and made a lot of changes to the chassis and made a gearing change. In the main I got a good start and was 4th into the first turn. Dalton got out in the lead early and I make quick work and tucked in behind him and tried to break away from the pack with him. It didn’t work with 8 laps in I think, they caught back up, and the dog fight was back on. I was ridding around floating back and fourth in-between 2 and 6th running a different line than everyone. I was running low and harder than everyone and keeping the momentum by drifting back up into the groove. With five to go Max Whale crashed and brought the red out. Just as I moved back into third. On the restart and I got a another good start and was third into the first corner down the back straight I got drafted by and had my line taken away and got stuck high. With getting stuck high I fell way back to 9th. I worked my way back up to second with Dalton blowing up again. I was drafting with James when Kolby got by both of us with a double draft. On the last lap I got a great drive coming through three and four and got in line to make my move on Kolby and James. When Kolby swerved down and up quick to eliminate me being able to drafted and ended the race for both of us. I was super happy with our podium finish but was little upset in the back of my head that we didn’t get to show our hand. But at the same time I can’t blame him because it would’ve have done the same thing if I was leading off of four. It did feel so good to get back on the podium! This week was defiantly a short one with racing Monday and having to leave again Friday. I wanna thank everyone for all there support!! This weekend is Williams grove and I’m looking forward to carrying this momentum into the weekend.

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