“Focus” On Cody Johncox

Last weekend we went down to Williams Grove Speedway! Fresh off my great weekend at Springfield, I was excited to get back on the bike and carry my momentum. In the first practice we went out and I felt off on the bike and the bike was a little off on gearing. We came in and did a gearing change. The gearing was a lot better but I still felt off on the track. I think we came in P11. Mike and I made a big suspension change. We went back out and for last qualifying I still felt weird on that track but I the bike was a lot better on exit of the turn we just needed to figure out entrance. We came in p7th we were getting better every time on the track. Mike wanted to make a huge change for the semi that we normally wouldn’t have done at a National, but we decided to try it anyways just to see what it would do. I got a good start and was third into turn three two guys got by me and I stayed in fifth the whole race. I didn’t like the change we made when I would enter the turn it was making the front end uncomfortable and causing me to fall in. When I came in we all sat down and figured out a game plan on what to change and Mike and I took a ride and watched and helped me learn how to ride the track. In the main we got a ok start from the second row. the first 6 laps were exciting and I worked my up 7th made a few passes and really was settling into my groove. I was catching the pack of three ahead of me til I hooked a hole one lap and made a mistake. They gaped me a little bit and that’s were I stayed the rest of race. I ended the race in 7th and was actually really happy. After the race I looked at the lap times and I realized I dropped over a second from first time on the track. It was a tough day for everyone because I was very confused on the track.  But the whole time we kept a great attitude and was having a blast at the track. At the end of the day I was super happy with how much progress we made and learned. That is the type of track I struggle with, the most slippery notch banked half mile. We are getting closer and closer on them. The next two races are miles and I’m very excited to end the season on them!

Thanks for all your support!

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