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Meadowland Mile Race Report

The week leading up to Meadowlands was a bit hectic for me. I popped oil out of the bike Monday after work and found a nice little surprise. A nice 9 mm bolt came popping out of the sump. So we got the motor out and stripped down the motor and found all of my case bolts holding the crank were pulling the threads out. We got them heli-coiled and the bike back together Thursday night by 1 am and Friday after work we were back on the road to New Jersey this time. We got into the hotel around 1 am and got some sleep. In the morning headed over to the beautiful Meadowlands facility. First practice we went with almost the same set up as last weekend. We went out first lap and hit a hole pushed me up to the fence. We came in made a ton of changes and that’s when the day turned into a weird one. I went up to watch the twins qualifying and they decided that they needed to grade the track after a two hour delay the twins went back out and I watched the track get just as rough if not worse than before. They decided to hold a riders meeting and there was a another two hour delay while they did their best to fix the track and a schedule change. The Production Twins new schedule was one qualifying and right to main event. After all the delays I was ready to get back on the track and see if the changes they made and the ones I made worked. I ended qualifying 5th again and my gearing was way off. I made our gearing change and waited. They decided to cut our main to 12 laps. I got a good start and everyone went high first lap and I decided to go low. We came back around and I went low again to try and make the shortest distance and I hit a big hole. It was weird because the berm they made on the inside of the track cast a shadow on the track so I couldn’t see it. But when I hit the hole it bounced me over bars and both my feet landed on the left side of the bike but I didn’t crash. I got myself back together and started to work my back up. I got up to fourth trying to find a line and pushing. On the last lap I got pushed back to 5th. It was weird day I was happy to leave the track ok! This season was tremendous for the team. I know it started out slow but we got a lot of bugs worked out in the bike and by the end of the year we got back to fighting where we should be up front. Now that we have some good notes to go on for next year I am very excited to return back fighting up towards the front where we belong.  I finished the season out in 7th, and I am very confident that next year will be even better with all that we have learned this year.

Thanks for all your support this year I can’t wait for next year!

I am planning some off season races down south to continue my progression for next year, as well as some off season moto’s and cycling and of course some ice riding.

Cody Johncox

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