“Focus” On Cody Johncox

The last week and half I decided it was time for me to get out of New York’s undisiding weather and go south so I can get a little bit of ridding in for the winter in Florida. I got down there the Thursday before Corey Texter’s Winter Throw Down. I got settled in at my buddy’s house in Geneva, and went over to Orlando MX to knock the cob webs off. The next day me and Mike Luczak, (who helps me at the races), loaded up and went up to Friday practice at Callahan Speedway for Cory’s race Saturday.

Practice went well. It was the first time I was ridding a 450 flat tracker in over 6 months and I felt good on it, very comfortable. Just a little thing I noticed with it being in bone stock I had to really ride the bike hard. On Saturday, at the race, I felt really good in practice making a few changes with the suspension. In the first heat race I got a great start pulled a hole shot on Kenny Coolbeth and then got myself excited and high sided on the exit. On the restart I got a good jump and started making my way through the pack and ended up 4th putting me in the main with no semi. In the second class I got another good jump and was third into the first turn and I slipped alittle high and Dallas Daneils got by. I stayed right on his tire the whole race to finish in 4th again with anthor transfer to the main. In the first main I got great start. I was having some problems with the darkness in the track and I couldn’t see the bumps in the track to make good line choices, so I worked my up to 7th or 8th then fell back to 11th were I finished. In the last main of the night I got a great start and was working my up the pack and I was up to 6th when the red flag came out. On the restart,  I went right to the outside and I was up to 4th and tried to get back to the inside but, I got stuck up on the outside for a few laps and ended up falling back to 8th. I finally found a good line with minimal holes in the track and hung in 8th until two laps to go and I caught a bobble trying to get a tear off, I went just a touch high coming into turn one and Wells slipped by and Trent Lowe forced his way in as well. So I ended up 10th and having had a blast on the only stock bike. It was a compleat riot!

I stayed at my Buddys house that week ridding every day but Monday weather it was Moto or trails. I just enjoy being on a bike. The following weekend I went down to Ocala for a STDR race. In practice I felt good made a few minor changes and I really liked how the bike was handling. In the first heat race I got the hole shot and Garth Brow got underneath me going into turn three. I let him have it and set him up for getting into one. I got back by Garth and a red came back out. We had a complete restart and I got another hole shot and this time I led it all the way to the finish. In the second heat race I got the hole shot again and led it all the way to the end. In the first main I got the hole shot again and I led it for 3 laps then Justin Jones got by me and I went to work. I was studying how he was getting into three because that’s were I felt like I was struggling. I ended up finishing the race in second. In the last main I got another hole shot and Justin got me coming down the back straight and it was on. I took what I learned from him and applied myself on the slower bike and found I had a ton more corner speed than him, he just had a whole lot more motor. I ended the night with two seconds but it felt so good knowing what I did the last two weekends with a stock bike and getting how much it made me change my ridding style and how my whole corner changed. I had so much fun this trip and got so much ridding in that I couldn’t have gotten at home. I’m really looking forward to the forward momentum we have coming into to the 2020 season and how much fun It is going to be.

Thanks for all you support!

Cody Johncox

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