“Focus” On Cody Johncox

Last weekend we finally got the chance to get our first American Flat Track race down in Volusia, Florida.  It was a three day event with an open practice on Thursday.

AFT Half Mile

Thursday, I felt good on the bike and we started in trying scoffing in new tires. We were getting suspension dialed in for the next two days. Friday came around I felt really good in practice and ended up qualifying 5th. In the semi, I got a great start and fell right in line in second I was getting ready to set up Cory when Nick came up the inside of me and snagged my bar. With everything qualifying I didn’t see the point to try and ride the bent up motorcycle so I came in to give everyone ample time to try and get the bike as straight as possible for the main.

Cody and Ben Lowe (#25) go bars to bars.

Having to start on the 4th row I lined up on the outside so I could try and get around as many people as I could in the first corner. In the main, I got another great start. As soon I got the first lap in I could tell something was off. I rode the whole race struggling with bike set up and it didn’t help that I made the wrong gearing choice with the track slowing and that was entirely on me. I ended the day in 9th. Not very happy but ready to shed it off for Saturday.

Saturday Mike and Dad got up early and lazored the bike with the help of Jeremy were we were staying and found the swingarm was bent. We got it as straight as we could and went to the track and in the practice I still felt off. I ended up qualifying 6th. In the semi, I got a good jump again. I was still struggling entering turn three and I let Ben slip under me and finished third.  

In the main, I decided to try the outside again and when I got into turn one, it was very tight and almost got my bar taken out again. It was going to be a long race so I backed off a touch and fell in line. I worked my way up to 6th in the main, and that is where I stayed.

With he help of my team, we changed the bike up a lot for the main and I seamed to work better but I don’t think we went enough with suspension but it was a lot better. I know we definitely learned a lot with the new tires!  

I don’t know when the next AFT race will be but I know, we will be riding as much as we can!

Thank you for all your support.
Cody Johncox

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