“Focus” on Cody Johncox

Last weekend my mechanic Mike Luczak and I made the trip out west for the Perris and Sacramento rounds. We had a good trip out here. We got to Phoenix AZ, and decided we had enough time to stop for the night and get a good night sleep so we weren’t extremely tired when we got to the track. First practice we got out on the track and realized our set up was out in left field. I came in and we made a bunch of changes to the set up and gearing. Went out for Q1 and the bike was still handling weird with a ton of spin off the corner. We decided to drop back down with gearing and made a drastic change with the suspension. In Q2 the bike handled so much better than the first two rounds but had a bit of a weird quirk in the middle of the turn to exit. I ended up qualifying 12th over all I think. Right before our heat race I noticed the line of the race track changing. I went and grabbed Mike quick to show him what it was doing and we made a quick decision to change the bike all around to better suit the new line that was developing. In the heat I got a great start was up in the top five with a couple laps until the bike started to act a little funny and the “quirk” it had decided to get a lot worse. I ended up 6th or 7th which put in the spot for the main. Mike and I decided on another change and try a different air pressure in the tire something we have never done just to see what it can do. In the main I got another great start and was in the top four coming out of turn two. Going down the back straight I had the choice of staying single file in line or trying something new and dropping down in and trying to keep more momentum and try a slide job to get up front a little more. It didn’t work the way I wanted it to, but I got back in the racing line only a couple spots back from were we were. for over half the race the bike was a completely new bike and was handling amazing, with that being said I was ridding like I have never rode before on banked clay half miles. Then my tire went away and we started to struggle again from the entrance to exit of the turn. Almost on the edge of out of control. I ended up finishing 11th in the main. I know that isn’t much and I shouldn’t be getting to exited over that because I know were capable of a lot better results. But it was the small victories we had Saturday that I’m thrilled over. How the bike was handling for that brief half of race I saw and felt what we’re actually capable of when we get the whole package figured out. Also, on that note how I was able to ride the bike when it started working with me I felt the very best on this types of track I have since I started riding the twins, which to me was a huge confidence booster. I want to thank everyone that is a part of my team and I look forward to showing everyone what we can do. Up next is Sacramento this weekend. the first of the miles I’m ecstatic to get back on the miles and let the chess game unfold.

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