“Focus” on Jacob Argubright

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Lake Elsinore, CA- Launching his own privateer program for 2019, Jacob Argubright will proudly represent himself at the races aboard his Off-Road Support/KSV/TBT backed Kawasaki KX 450. Reviving the “Off-Road Support” brand his father once led, Jacob has rebranded the company and given it a new purpose; an alias for his graphic design business to help support his racing. Sporting his recognizable fluorescent orange helmet KX 450, Argubright’s set up is inspired by his roots where he first experienced success as a Professional racer.

Putting the plan into action, Argubright went full throttle to claim two podium finishes; a perfect start to the 2019 off-road racing season. On Saturday, January 12th, Argubright lined up for the first round of the Best in the Desert Championship, the Parker 250, located in Parker, Arizona. Off the two-rider per row start, he quickly jumped into the lead and took full advantage of clean air to build his gap. Over the next few laps of the 250-mile race, Argubright got into his groove, building a time gap of over 10 minutes at the checkered flag. “Today was a shake down for me. This is the first race on the bike, and a test of everything I’ve been working on over the off-season. I am pleased with my performance, and look forward to the next one,” Argubright concluded.

Following his outstanding performance on Saturday, Argubright packed up and drove to 29 Palms Motorsports Park for the first-ever District 37 Sprint Enduro event. In a stacked field of contenders, all riders were required to complete 8 laps on a 5-mile course, filled with single track and technical rocky terrain. Argubright’s consistency and smart navigation around lap riders positioned him as a potential leader. Following the event, after a review of times, Argubright officially came in 2nd place by only 10 seconds.

Argubright’s weekend success serves as a confidence builder heading into the AMA National Hare and Hound in just two weeks, where he hopes to again find himself atop the podium. Argubright explained, “I really have a lot of determination to be successful this year. As a full-on privateer, you have to keep this determination, because no one is watching over you at a top level. Everything I race, I intend to win.”

Supporting Argubright’s program this season, are a long list of sponsors and brands to complement his efforts, “Everyone who has stepped up to support me this year makes a difference in my program. At the professional level, you need the best product to have the best results. And I am confident my sponsors will be a big key to my success,” Argubright stated.

BITD Results

1. Jacob Argubright (Kaw)
2. Danny Cooper (Hon)
3. Wyatt Brittner (Ktm)

District 37 Sprint Enduro Results

1. Trevor Stewart (Hon)
2. Jacob Argubright (Kaw)
3. Nick Burson (Yam)

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