“Focus” On Jacob Argubright



Lake Elisnore, CA – Just two weeks after round 6 of the AMA National Hare and Hound Championship, round 7 commenced in northern Nevada just outside of Lovelock. Coming into round 7, Off-Road Support/TBT Suspension backed rider Jacob Argubright sat 9 points down from the championship lead. 

Round 7 served as the first point-to-point style event of the season, and the first one of its kind in years. Riders would start just a couple miles outside of Lovelock and race south towards Fernley, with three pit stops in between the start and finish.

On Sunday morning, with the drop of the banner, Argubright secured an ideal starting line, but when the banner dropped his bike struggled to light quickly. After two more attempts to start the bike, he was finally successful and sped off towards the field of riders. Over the next 18-miles, Argubright moved up to 4th overall, with a large gap between he and the leaders. Coming into Pit 1, Argubright sat roughly 5+ minutes down in 4th overall. 

From there, Argubright charged over the next 28 miles to make the pass for 3rd overall. Although he couldn’t see the dust of the leaders ahead of him, he dropped the hammer to attempt to close up the gap. Coming through Pit 2, he quickly fueled his KX450 and changed his goggles before taking off onto the next 34 mile stretch to Pit 3.

As the first sign of dust came appeared coming into Pit 3, a new leader was in place and Argubright had closed up the gap to sit just 45-seconds behind in second place. With the riders now heading out onto the final, most difficult stage of the race, Argubright had 43 miles to make his move. Approximately an hour and 50-minutes later, a spray of dust was thrown over the descending hill that led to the finish, and Argubright’s fluorescent orange helmet was recognized immediately. Charging into the finish at a blistering pace, Argubright officially took the overall win, just seconds ahead of second place. 

Argubright stated -“I came into this round so stoked to do something a little different, and the point-to-point course didn’t disappoint. To improve my starts, I tried something a little different but it didn’t go as planned. Once I saw the line take off, I immediately knew I had to change my strategy. But, I was able to take the challenge and turn it into an opportunity, and I put myself to the test. Just miles from the finish, I saw Joe with his bike as if something wasn’t right. So I stopped and it wasn’t something I could help him with, but he was okay so I continued on. It’s been a heck of a season, and we’ve still got work to do, but I am looking forward to more great racing in the coming weeks.”

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