“Focus” On JD Friebel

2019 District 16 Harescramble – Adams, WI

Event: Harescramble
Event Date: May 19, 2019
Series: District 16
Location: Adams, WI
Results: AA Class = 2nd Overall = 2nd
Track Conditions: Sandy bogs / wet and rainy
Comments: The Adams hare scramble turned out to be a lot of fun even though Mother Nature wasn’t wanting to cooperate. Bob Kau and the Madison Motorcycle Club did a great job laying out a great course and staying on top of all the reroutes during the day. Matt McDonald and I had a great day of battling back and forth all day. We were nose to tail for most of the two hours. Unfortunately, not having my big tank yet was a big factor- I had to stop twice to fuel up. Still happy how I rode and ended the day 2nd O/A. Like to thank my entire family for braving the rain and cool temps to pit for me and all my great sponsors. #harescrambleracing #mudder

Remember keep it between the trees!!

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