“Focus” On JD Friebel

Event: National Enduro               
Series: NEPG
Event Date: June 7, 2020
Location: Greensboro, GA       
Results: AA Class = 2nd   Overall = 2nd

The Cherokee National Enduro didn’t go as planned. With the hot and humid weather and the later row made for a tough course right off the start. The dirt was absolutely perfect, but I was just a click off at the beginning of the day making it hard for my self-giving up a lot of time right away. When I finally got my mind back in the race, I ended up having a freak mechanical issue in test five that took me awhile to resolve and get back going which ended my day for a podium in my class. At the end of the day I finished 4th in class and still healthy and ready to come back swinging for the next round. #nepg #enduro #motivated.

Photo credit: Nichole Jacobson & Keri Friebel

Event: Harescramble              
Series: AMA District 16 Off Road
Event Date: June 14, 2020
Location: Rome, WI
Results:  AA Class = 2nd   Overall = 2nd

The track consisted of sand, woods, and motocross. This past weekend we got back to racing during all the craziness. The weather and dirt conditions were perfect for a mid June day. The Rapid Angels club laid out a fun 7 mile loop. I was able to get a decent start but couldn’t get completely comfortable right away. I wasn’t really able to start pushing it till later in the race. In the end I had fun racing my dirtbike and came home with a 2nd overall. Like to thank my entire family for all their help and to all my great sponsors. #harescrambles #keepfocused    

Photo credit: Nichole Jacobson & Mike Dean

Event: Harescramble              
Series: AMA District 16 Off Road
Event Date: June 21, 2020
Location: WI Rapids, WI    
Results: AA Class = 2nd   Overall = 2nd

This was a great way to celebrate Father’s Day! The track consisted of woods and grass fields. The club did a great job laying out a fun course at the new venue. With all the rain that fell Saturday it made for near perfect conditions. I got off to a great start getting to the woods first and stayed there for a couple laps. The second-place rider and I were able to start gapping the field right away. Unfortunately, on one of the opening laps I tried an inside line in a faster section, resulting in me going down hard. I got going only losing one spot and tried to evaluate myself if I was really ok. I was able to keep going and ride through the pain. I was able to come home in 2nd overall. Need to keep fine tuning myself and hopefully knock the kids back a spot at the next rounds. Like to thank all my family and friends for their help and all my great sponsors. #keepcharging #nevergiveup 

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