“Focus” On Kaleb Dekeyrel

We had an awesome last race weekend of the year racing the season finale of the 2019 AFM series at Thunderhill raceway in Willows, CA!

The trip started out for me with a flight to California from Houston Texas. When we arrived in California we had a couple days to relax before making the 9 hour drive up to Thunderhill. It was extremely to have a day to get adjusted to the time change, Relax and hangout as a team!

This weekend was a little different than most aim racing events because usually there is practice all day Friday. They had a car event Friday so we only had Saturday morning for practice and qualifying. This was my first time back to Thunderhill since I broke my leg a less than 3 month prior. I was just happy to be back on the bike and racing with all my friends! I had a great qualifying session and was feeling good for the races. 

After qualifying John put on a great church service. We had a few more people show up and were extremely open to sharing about there journey through life and there walk with christ. It was honestly extremely powerful and eye opening for me to hear some of the things people have overcome and how they completely changed there life around with the power of christ!

Sunday morning we always do our safety prayer for everyone who is competing, working, or watching the event. It was amazing that at the final round we had our largest number of people who joined in on the safety prayer! It was awesome to see and it can never hurt to say a prayer for safety because anything can happen in the high speed sport that we do.

After the riders meeting and safety prayer it was time to start racing! My first race of the day was Formula 1. I was a little off my usual pace I the first race and ended up finish 7th. I was a little disappointed because I knew I could do much better. My leg is still not completely 100% but I was giving it everything I had so I can’t be disappointed. Then next 600 race went a little better and I got a little faster and was starting to get back to my normal pace before I broke my leg. I finished 6th in the 600 Supersport. 

My final race of the day was absolutely incredible and I had the most fun racing that I’ve had in a long time! I ended up battling for the lead the entire race with my buddy berto! It was an awesome racing and I was leading on the second to last lap till berto passed me in turn 3 heading into turn 4. I know I faster in the S section coming on to the back straight away but I also knew that was extremely close to the finish so I would absolutely have to make it happen. I got a great drive through the S section and went around the out side of him in the second to last corner. But I rushed it a tad to much and ran a little wide so Berto was able to get back up underneath me in the final corner. So I got into the draft and we both pinned it to the line! I ended up second place by 0.093 ! It was a ton of fun and a perfect way to end an amazing first year with the AFM!

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