“Focus” on the King of Cool – Race wrap-up from Charlotte, NC

kenny-IMG_8569With a month off I was ready to go racing again. Charlotte is one of my favorite track and was excited to get to the red clay. In practice the track was rough and choppy but I felt ok with my times. I ended up qualifying 4th and knew the track was going to get better so we didn’t change much with the bike.

In my heat I got a terrible start and had to make up time and try not to get taken out. I worked my way up to 4th and was about to take 3rd and the checkered flag came out. 4th in my heat was not what I wanted but I was in the main but on the 2nd row.

In the main I was on the 2nd row in the middle and got a really good start and was in 5th or so and was right there with the leaders. I worked my way around (Brad) Baker and started to put in some good laps but couldn’t run with the top 3.

I was 4th all by myself when Halbert broke and put me into 3rd. Although finishing the race in 3rd, I felt I was off all day for some reason. I will take it after the year I have been having with DNFs. I am looking forward to Rapid City next Tuesday and hope to get the win there.

Thanks for all the support!!

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