“Focus” on the King of Cool – Race wrap-up from Rapid City, SD

Its been a busy couple of weeks. last Tuesday we were in rapid City, SD and I was really excited to be there again. In practice we had some problems with my main bike and had to go to the B bike. It wasn’t as good but that’s all we had and felt like we still had a good chance. I ended up qualifying 3rd. We made some changes to the bike before the heat race. On the start of the heat race I was about 3rd and worked my way up to 2nd right on Robinson. On the last lap I dove under him going into turn one and got the lead and going into turn 3 I ended up running up the track and opened the door for him to pass me back. I ended up 2nd and felt we were good for the 25 lap main. In the main I was running 5th off the line. We were all right there and then Baker broke putting me in 4th. Halbert was 3rd and was spraying oil all over me and it was really hard to see. I was about to make a pass on him and then the red flag came out. AMA would not let Halbert restart and that put me up to 3rd. I got off the line with Smith and Mees and was right there but couldn’t do anything with them. I ended up a solid 3rd and felt like I rode ok but not great.

Peoria TT was the following Sunday and I knew it was going to be a tough one. My main goal was to just make the main event. They had a lot of rain on the Friday before and it madde the track pretty much a moto track. I did my best but didn’t even come close to making the main. One positive thing is that I am healthy and racing this Saturday in NY. I am really looking forward to this.



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