“Focus” on the King of Cool – Race wrap-up from Springfield Mile


This past weekend we were in Springfield and it was good to us this time. The weather was perfect and the track looked good and I was ready. Right off the bat I felt good from the first practice. We didn’t make many changes and in practice I ended up 6th overall. In my heat I got the hole shot and lead every lap. In the Dash for Cash I spun up on the line and by the time the 5 laps were done I finished 2nd.

springfield-2Main event I got off the line 3rd and moved right into 2nd after the 1st lap and was right on Smith for the 24 laps. I just followed him around and on the last lap I went around him in turn 3 and got enough of a gap to beat him to the line. That was my plan the whole race and it worked out for me. I was a big win for the team for sure. We have had terrible luck this year but we never gave up. I look forward to the last race on the 25th in Santa Rosa and end it strong.

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