Supercross Podium Position For A Pair Of Pros

March 6, 2017 — It may have been frigid outside the Rogers Centre in Toronto, but Broc Tickle brought the heat to the Supercross series. A semi win and putting his TCX boots on the podium in the Main event saw the seasoned pro put in his best 450 SX performance of his career. But it didn’t come without some drama.

Despite getting the last gate pick after a heated altercation following his Heat race, Tickle cooled off and took charge of Semi #2. “He is obviously fired up,” said color commentator Jeff Emig of his terrible starting gate draw and blitz to the front of the pack in two turns. “I get the feeling Tickle and his teammate Bogle are getting more confidence and look for them to be a factor,” noted the former SX champ presciently.

Photo: Simon Cudby
Photo: Simon Cudby

“It starts with the start,” said Tickle after his first career 450 SX podium. “I’m not going to lie, I was struggling there for awhile and riding tight before I got the flow going again.” Toronto has been good to Tickle… it was also the site of his first 250 SX  podium finish. A solid start and running second to race winner Eil Tomac most of the Main saw Tickle put the early Heat race issues behind him and coolly put his stamp on the race.

According to the weather app, it was 15-degrees outside the Rogers Centre, but the feel was more like 5-degrees. The only thing cooler than the ambient temperature was Tickle’s arctic white TCX Comp EVO Michelin® boots.  TCX is the second largest motorcycle boot manufacturer in the world, but they don’t play second fiddle to anyone when it comes to R&D. “Our sole focus is on boots,” quips TCX R&D head, Marco Poloni. “We want to give Broc and all our pro riders the best fitting, most comfortable and safest boot possible.”

To meet Tickle’s demands, the Comp EVO gets TCX’s exclusive new Double Flex Control System. A polyurethane joint in the ankle area improve front and rear flexibility. The DFC system is attached to the boot with a couple hidden screws. “This special construction allows up to 18 degrees of motion forward and rear flexibility of up to 15 degrees, avoiding overextension of the ankle joint,” explains Poloni.

Heart and soul of any TCX competition boot is their Michelin sole. The Comp EVO MIichelin MX Hybrid sole is specifically designed to combine grip, traction, stability… and durability. The red portion is made of an incredibly long-wearing high-durometer material from Michelin. “Even with the razor sharp foot pegs on my RCH RM450, I have never worn though the footbed,” says Tickle. “I practiced every day for a month and wore the same boots for A1 with no wear issues to the sole.” If a top pro can’t wear through it, the average weekend warrior should get years out of the sole.

Getting the same boot that the pros pick is no problem… putting it on the podium like Broc Tickle did at the Toronto Supercross is up to you.

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